Better Care Through Better Profiles

Broad clinical adoption of genetic and genomic testing is a key step towards the promise of personalized medicine. However, the benefits will not be truly realized until healthcare providers have the infrastructure required to manage patient genetic profiles.

GeneInsight Clinic® provides the infrastructure that enables clinicians to receive electronic results from genetic testing laboratories and subsequent variant-level updates when new information is discovered through on-going laboratory data curation processes.

GeneInsight Clinic

  • Provides clinicians with visual cues to manage the receipt and review of patient reports
  • Delivers real-time patient specific variant updates when the state of clinical knowledge changes in the laboratory

Through the use of GeneInsight Clinic, clinicians gain the ability to search their patient population along multiple dimensions and track their patient genetic profiles as the state of clinical knowledge changes over time. GeneInsight Clinic can be deployed as a standalone genetic report management system or integrated into an electronic health record (EHR).